lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

dogs, portraits, future crafts and flowers in the house

yesterday it was a windy day. We went to auntie´s house to take care of my David Austin´s roses. I took some flowers for Jane´s date. I am in love with this little pink salvia (beside the cosmos, on top) that I bought at the plants fair some months ago.


ayer la ciclogénesis nos pilló en la huerta. Antes de que llegase pude ocuparme de las rosas que tengo plantadas en casa de la tía. Me traje algunas flores para la cita con Jane.

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  1. Some of that little pink salvia self-seeded in my driveway and I too have a crush on it.

    The little sweetheart.

    xo jane

  2. La tia tiene un huerto precioso y tus fotos de flores junto a los retales una maravilla.

  3. Everything is pretty! I love the window box filled with flowers.

  4. Everything looks so lovely. The window box is so lush with flowers. Love the art picture of a girl, so sweet.

  5. Lovely. I love the petunias on the window ledge, and I want that dahlia.

  6. It's all so lovely! Love the beautiful petunias in the pots on the window sill too. But especially lovely is your daughter's drawing! Self-portrait? I love kids art - so fresh and uninhibited. Amanda x

  7. me he comprado un montón de semillas, mi primera experiencia con semilleros, ya te contaré!

  8. Who does the little dog belong to? How many David Austin roses did you plant, Alicia? How are they doing?
    Pretty petunias!!!

  9. the little dog... I know that it will like you ;)
    It is a girl and she belongs to my auntie´s husband. She is the craziest dog that I know. When you are leaving the house you must´nt kiss anybody because she turns mad! She is a sheepdog, and I am sure that she thinks we are sheeps so she doesn´t like us to leave the flock!

    1. I will email you about the roses. They are alive, but I think that it would it be better to prune them and not having flowers for these first years... They are eleven.

  10. The flowers are the puppy are both delightful.