viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

cambria & bufala cheese

cambria & bufala cheese = happiness

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  1. :) El formatge de búfala m'encanta amb mermelada de gerds!! Que tinguis un bon cap de setmana! (últimament faig masses coses i poc blog...)

  2. how nice you thought of me.. if we live in a nearby area, i would have come visit you^^.
    cambria is the type of wine? i might look for it if taste good. that cheese and dark bread(rye?)looks delicious. what kind of cheese is it, alicia?
    when i am in a very good mood and want to have pleasent night moment, i open wine and have some good food like yours and it always makes me feel good. sometimes, we all need to treat ourselves with something we love, don't we.
    cheers! and i hope you had a very happy night.

    1. cambria is an orchid genre, the one in the photo :)

  3. Por lo que veo, tener la feria del queso cerquita ha dado sus frutos :) Me huele a queso rico al ver la foto... qué hambre me está entrando...

  4. a mi también me hacen feliz estas pequeñas cosas. Espero que hayas tenido un fantástico fin de semana!!!

  5. Vaya pinta que tiene ese queso... ¡me ha dado ganas de tapear antes de la cena!

  6. wow, that's a very nice orchid. Can you tell me the name? I'm not so fan from common orchid like you find in every flower shop, but this one would be very interesting. Once I brought one from Thailand, but she didn't survive.