viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

my winter day

the willows for Alicia from Arbolande, tea pause at work, browsing the others gardens at lunch time and a romantic dinner with my husband  while Haizea is watching her favourite serie at Disney channel.
le prometí a Alicia de Arbolande que le enseñaría mis abedules. Té en el trabajo, husmeando en los jardines ajenos y romántica cena con mi marido mientras Haizea vé su serie favorita en Disney channel.

6 comentarios:

  1. how sweet, candle light dinner with your husband!
    enjoy the weekend. i was off today but
    have to work tomorrow.

    yes, peaking through other's garden is so fun and i do that all the time.

  2. oh yes! Romantic dinners! I should do that more often :)

  3. That 's very cool... A romantic dinner compatible with children. Why not? What could be better? ¡Bien hecho!

  4. alicia, at my work, there is always pretty flower arrangement on the front entrance and it is changed each several days. today, i saw very unusual flower and i was thinking about you.
    doing such wonderful arrangement and looking at flower, it remind me that i still want to be a florist but at the same time, i was remembering this post.
    my sunday night is about to over and i am enjoying sips of hot coffee at the moment. hope your sunday is going well and stay warm alicia.

  5. ¡Un día completo! Lo mejor de todo, la cena.
    Gracias por los abedules!