viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

my neighbours houses

another cosy place that I can see from my window. It´s raining.
el piso de la luz parece muy acogedor. Llueve.

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  1. reminds me of one of the houses from the movie Howl's Moving Castle.

  2. this looks like a really pretty neighbourhood!

  3. me encanta ver tus fotos de Bilbo, me paso horas mirando e intentando averiguar por dónde caen.........siempre me recuerdan a Solokoetxe, pero, nunca consigo saber exactamente dónde están

  4. muuuuy especial..!
    Gracias por tu visita Alicia!

  5. ¡Qué bonita!
    (Por cierto, ¿sabes tú qué son los verdes africanos?)

  6. what a nice view you have.
    you must live in the middle of the city..

    for some reason, i like also attacted to the roof of the house. each house has it's unique characteristic and always enjoy looking at them.

  7. good night alicia,
    i am having hot tea and will go to bed soon.
    you been cooking with soy souce a lot?
    enjoy ! oh, maybe you can take picture of what you cook and show me^^

  8. isn't is great that your little one is flowering with me.
    don't worry, i am taking goood care of it and talk to them every day.
    and i even harvested few seeds!! that i am going to sew again in spring or fall, so your nastatium stays with me for a long time^^.
    good night ☺

  9. Qué especial el edificioen si...pero yo me quedo con las tres fotos en una de la entrada anterior.


  10. how was your blocolli meal yesterday?

  11. not bad... but I was looking for the recipe that you give me. I think I put too much sugar in my sauce yesterday :(

  12. El buen voyer que llevas dentro, muestra fotos de lujo de lo que te rodea... me gusta!