miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

express gardening

this morning on the way to the metro this pretty daisy plant catch my eye (I know, I have to save money for the beautiful blouses...). lately I was thinking about changing my winter window boxes, and at lunch time I have done it. I took this impatiens hawkeri from work (is and old one without flowers so people don´t buy it) and two little impatiens. 
 I rescued the evonymous from the old window box and I have added my super calocephalus and some nasturtium seeds. nice, isn´t it? and exciting because of the mistery of the impatiens colours.
lovely peonies at work, the first ones.

8 comentarios:

  1. I like your new window box. Especially, the red tiny flower looks very pretty.

    I would love to see more of your plants, and where you work(if possible). Since you work at flower shop, it must be pretty and I wish I could work at that kind of place too.
    Good night and sweet dream, I am sending you
    nice lovely fragrance from my garden. It take for a while to get green curtain established because my plants have to grow fast. I will show when time comes.

  2. I really enjoy all the plants growing in different part of other countries. Some we have same plants but some I've never seen.. It's been very nice to be able to share the ideas and all the beautiul things in life.
    Appreciate you visiting my blog and leaving comments.

  3. Vaya... también el vicio de las plantitas nuevas por allá! jajaja
    Preciosa jardinera multicolor, multicultural, multifuncional.....
    Voy a pedir desde ya una foto para cuando las capuchinas estén con flores.... ¿las has comido????

  4. Me gusta mucho como te ha quedado, el calocephalus me encanta, le da un toque especial.
    ¡Y las peonías! ¡Preciosas! Yo tengo una planta en mi terraza desde hace ya dos años, pero no sé cuándo dará flor...
    Como dice Coco, a mí también me gustaría ver más fotos de la floristería, ahora seguro que tenéis unas flores preciosas!

  5. Ainsssssss peonías!!!!!! mi flor favorita... Como me gustaría saber tanto de plantas como tú :)

    besitos y feliz día!

  6. Your new box is soooo pretty. It must make you happy to see it everyday :)

  7. Alice, no las he probado. ¿Se comen las hojas o las flores o todo?

  8. Lovely and inspirational....as soon as this weekend is over, I'm back in the garden.

    xo Jane