domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

busy weekend

we have had visitors this weekend, so we did the dusting. My mother in law has green fingers (and a good sunny place near the window). We finished the invitations for haize´s birthday party (Aleluya).

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  1. mmm sounds like you were busy! But sometimes that is a good thing ;)
    I love the lampshade, if it were in my home I would probably spend way too much time sitting and looking at the patterns on it. I hope you have a good restful monday!

  2. The picture of your daughter (?) on your mobile phone is cute!

  3. Hola! Otra Alicia a la que le gustan las plantas! Qué chulo tu blog, también me lo apunto.
    Y ahora que sé que eres del gremio, igual te hago alguna consulta ;).

  4. Hola!! Sí els he fet jo els collarets, assecant flors! me n'alegro molt que t'agradi!! Ja t'aniré llegint! M'agraden molt les fotos del teu blog! fins aviat!

  5. keia I started the new work today, and I´m taking drivingn lessons (I have my driving licence, but I don´t drive), so it hasn´t a restful monday :(

    Claudia yes she is :)

  6. què xula la làmpara!!! i la foto de la little haize és molt maca...