jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

sunny winter day & balcony

this one is from Barcelona. I miss my city!

I love balconies, full of plants please! the more the better

bilbao is nice too

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  1. I have always wanted a balcony like that! I used to wander around the city I used to live in, just looking at all the attractive plants and chimes, and lights strung about the balconies. You are from Barcelona? I have always wanted to go there, it seems so beautiful. :)

  2. those balconies looks so wonderfull, hope to have one in the future

  3. Keia, I am from Barcelona. Because of my work I can only go on summer and easter holidays. So I miss my family and friends...Now I live in Bilbao a small city in the north of Spain, in the Vasque Country. You are welcome to Barcelona if you want to visit the city in the summer!

    Lotte, I don´t have a balcony now, so I have my windows full of plants.

  4. Qué bonito es bilbao!!! y que ganas tengo de volver... me encantaría tener un balcón así lleno de flores... precioso!!

    Muy feliz día!!! y gracias por todo...