jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

olive oil and lemon

my notebooks

what I like about living in Bilbao is that people speaks (speak??) to you even if they don´t know you.
today I was in the metro and I began to cough (I have a terrible cough, my husband says that is like a dog´s one) and a kind man had whisper (whispered?) at my ear "one spoon of olive oil and lemon before to go to sleep". nice, isn´t it?
ultimamente estoy haciendo muchas piras de inglés...

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  1. Do you really think that Bilbo is like that? This might be because you campare it to Barna, I must admit that Barna isn't an easygoing city, actually, it is the least friendly city I've been to, but, there are lots of cities which are more open-minded and easy going than Bilbo....do not give up your English lessons, studying makes us young

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  3. I love that story! One time I was waiting at the bus stop and I had nasty allergies and a man standing next to me told me that oregano was supposed to help with allergies. I love hearing other people's natural remedies... feel better soon!

  4. What a kind man, I will try his advice also when I'm sick next time :)

  5. ¿y qué tal? ¿funciona?

    Por cierto, me tienes que enseñar esas libretas...
    ¿de qué marca son? ¿dónde te las has comprado?

  6. pues si que funcionó!Las libretas grandes son de Habitat, la de rayas la compré en Zara Home, y la otra bonita me la regaló Unai (creo recordar...)